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RAM-B-174 Series


What's the difference between the RAM-B-149Z and RAM-B-174 series?

RAM-B-149Z is a u-bolt based mounting system. The marine grade aluminum base sits on top of the handlebar and zinc u-bolt installs from the bottom of the handlebar. Fits Harley Davidson and other motorcycles with a handlebar rail diameter from .5 to 1.25 inches.

RAM-B-174 can be installed to either the brake/clutch housing using supplied hardware of some motorcycles (commonly Goldwings) or handlebar using the same u-bolts found on the RAM-B-149Z series. The RAM-B-174 base installs in front of the handlebar versus the top (RAM-B-149Z). Please read the product description for complete details on the included hardware and base specifications.

Aqua Box Pro AQ7 Series (e.g Pro 10, Pro 20) series WILL WORK with capacitive touchscreens such as those found on the iPhone.
Aqua Box (e.g. AQ1, AQ2, AQ3, AQ6) series WILL NOT WORK WITH CAPACITIVE (swiping) TOUCHSCREENS such as those found on the iPhone. The aqua box lens WILL WORK with resistive touchscreens commonly used on GPS devices. The easiest way to figure out if your device will work with the aqua box lens is to wear a glove and see if you can operate your device. If you can your device will work with the aqua box lens.