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All Adhesive Base Assemblies (No Cradle)
RAP-B-378 (1 Inch Ball and Socket Arm) Assemblies with Cradle
RAP-SB-178 (.75 Inch Snap Link Ball and Socket Arm) Assemblies with Cradle
RAP-SB-180 (Fixed Arm) Assemblies with Cradle
Friction Dashboard Pad Assemblies (Adhesive Base Alternative)
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What's the difference between a RAP-B-378, RAP-SB-178 and RAP-SB-180 series?

The RAP-B-378 series uses a 1 inch diameter ball and socket that allows greater flexibility in adjusting your device and a higher weight capacity.

The RAP-SB-178 has a .75 inch diameter "snap link" ball and socket arm that can be rotated, using a set screw, in the vertical and horizontal plane.

The RAP-SB-180 has a fixed arm that does not rotate.

The 2.5 inch diameter adhesive pad holding power is the same on the RAP-B-378, RAP-SB-178 and RAP-SB-180 assemblies. All can connect to any RAM holder/cradle. However, the RAP-B-378 can hold greater weight due to the 1 inch ball and socket design.