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Below are examples of the mounting devices in the above categories.
NOTE: Cradles shown with devices below are OPTIONAL.

Adhesive (Peel and Stick) Assemblies

Cessna Seat Rail RAM-B-131 Series Assemblies

Flat Surface RAM-B-138 Series Drill Down Assemblies

Yoke Strap Base RAM-B-108 (Fits .5" to 2" Diameter) Series Assemblies

Glare Shield RAM-B-177 (Fits Flat Edge 0.17" to 1.12") Series Assemblies
RAM-B-177 series is a very popular mounting device.

3.25" Diameter Suction Cup RAM-B-166 Series Assemblies

Yoke Aluminum RAM-B-121 (Fits 0.625" to 1.25" Rail Diameter) Assemblies
The RAM-B-121 series is our most popular aviation mounting device.

Yoke Composite RAP-B-121 Assemblies Fits Rail/Edge Lip from 0.625" to 1.25"

The manufacturer, National Products Inc., recommends tethering your electronic device if it's used in a high vibration application such as airplanes, motorcycles or watercraft.