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RAP-274-1 Series Assemblies
RAP-SB-187 Series Assemblies
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RAP-274-1 Series

RAP-SB-187 Series


NOTE: CLICK HERE to view alternate bicycle mounts where a cradle can be purchased separately (not included as a complete package).

What's the difference between the RAP-274-1 and RAP-SB-187 Series?
The RAP-274-1 is designed to fit most common handlebar sizes, this compact and durable mount is ideally suited to the open road or trails. Uses common zip ties to attach to a variety of handlebar diameters. Made of high strength composite, it is extremely light weight too.

The RAP-SB-187U
has a rubber line strap mount that will fit a rail diameter form .5 to 2.87 inches. The snap link arm allows more flexibility of position compared to the RAP-274-1 series.