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RAM-B-149Z-2 Series
Fits Most

RAM-B-186 Series
Fits Top Clamp with M8 Bolt

NOTE: If the above series do not fit your ATV/UTV.
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What's the difference between the RAM-B-149 and RAM-B-149Z-2 series?
RAM-B-149 series is a handlebar u-bolt based mounting system. The marine grade aluminum base sits on top of the handlebar and the u-bolt installs from the bottom of the handlebar. The u-bolt material ranges from zinc to stainless steel and fits a handlebar rail diameter range from .5 to 1.25 inches depending on the model of RAM-B-149 selected. Please read the product description for complete details on u-bolt material and size.

RAM-B-149Z-2 series includes the handlebar zinc u-bolt and marine grade aluminum base included with the RAM-B-149ZU series. A strap strap base is also included and accommodates a diameter from 1.57 inches to 3.15 inches. The strap is commonly used on roll cages or where installation does not accept a u-bolt. Please read the product description for complete details on the included hardware and base specifications.

The manufacturer, National Products Inc., recommends tethering your electronic device if it's used in a high vibration application such as a motorcycle or watercraft.